A White Bouquet

Hi there !
So here goes the cliched first post of my page “Pstylespot”. Umm..to be honest, I’m actually quite lost as to how to give this a super-smashing kick start. Coz see, I obviously don’t want to sound “all prepared and brushed” as it might just break the relateability here.
Anyhow, let me share the reason why I’m up here – STYLE UPDATES. Ready to absorb them as well as share them.

So what exactly is a Style Update ? Its not taught to you by a teacher like Math, neither is it a recipe to that perfect dessert, but it might just be your understanding of that dessert on a plate. Basically, a “Style Update” is what makes you more familiar and more aware of what is happening around you, here specifically, in the fashion scene.

To start with, today I’ll share my current favourite look with you all. And I call it-A White Bouquet !

White-On-White is a complete YES-GO-GRAB-IT this season. What we see on the runway is a block of white against another block of white and some colour in the hair / Makeup / Or simply Shoes. Here I’m taking a detour ! Well.. I love the whole idea of Whites in summers. But hey, how many of us take on the wet-muddy streets in our staple whites during the monsoons ?

Bingo ! This is why, I accepted this “inner-challenge” of wearing white on a drizzly-evening.

I like choosing my footwear first ! Ha !!

Sandal Stilettos in Nude – Forever 21

To bloom is nature.
To bloom is nature.

So if you’re hesitant in sporting An-All-White-Attire, then try mixing soft florals against solid whites.

High time you immortalised that perfect curved feather !

Metal Embossed Feather Chain – Forever 21.

Not the prettiest hands you'd see ! But.. That Rock might make you skip a blink ;)
Not the prettiest hands you’d see !
But.. That Rock might make you skip a blink 😉
Camera Ready !
Camera Ready !

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But hey, I like makeup ! *giggles*
So in a nutshell, the look is evidently quite feminine and easy to carry. You don’t need to be picture perfect all the time, but a hint of color on that pout of yours can do wonders !..

I generally don’t make a fuss about how my hair are, especially since I got’em sombre ! But, I do suggest.. to complete this look or something similar a Half Dutch Braid or a Messy Side Braid will –
a. Keep your hair in place. Especially in this monsoon.
b. Can make eyes roll 😉

So ladies, I hope that helped in bringing you out of your dilemma of wearing this season’s chicest trend..
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