Nude Basics

Hi there lovelies !
That was quite a busy week for me at work. But nevertheless, I’m back here to share my fancies with you all. This time, it’s all about MAKE UP !
Make up is something I love investing in and have always been a fan of well-done beauties; and having said that, I also believe that too much make up is a big no-no.

So let’s take a look at what I have here to share with you all 🙂

All time must-haves

First up is Dream Liquid Mousse by Maybelline NY – This one is an underrated product in the market. I usually don’t use concealers or cream-base foundations, as they tend to steal the freshness from my face. But Maybelline’s Dream Liquid Mousse in Pure Beige Medium -2 balances the pigmentation and freshness of my face; without making it look extremely done-up or plastic. If you don’t want to apply heavily creamy foundations then this one is a good substitute.

Dream Liquid Mousse – Pure Beige (Medium 2)

Next on my list of favorites is L’OREAL PARIS BARE NATURALE MINERAL FINISH POWDER – A Translucent Powder which can do wonders for any skin-type. No need to use a pressed-powder or compact. L’oreal’s Mineral Finish Translucent Powder makes your face glow like a blooming flower.

L’oreal Paris – Bare Naturale Mineral Finish Powder

They say a person’s eyes are the best way to read his / her heart. And setting my eyes has always been a favourite makeup-activity in front of the mirror. Try LANCOM’S SENSATIONAL EFFECTS EYESHADOW PALETTE to boost those doe eyes of yours. Since I’ve a pale-wheat complexion, hence out of the four shades what best suits my eyes is Bikini Gold in Shimmer and Chic in Matte.

Lancom – Sensational Effects Eyeshadow

Another item on the list is ESTEE LAUDER ELECTRIC SHEER Lip color in 1106 Sheer Mania. For a fact I know Matte lip colors are trending everywhere, but I love breaking rules 😉 Go for this oh-so-yummy lipstick which has tonnes of moisturiser in it, that keeps your lips from becoming dry and flaky. This color especially adds an old-world’s charm to your face. It has that retro broadway charm to it.
Another option here is, again ESTEE LAUDER’S Crystal Blush 305. If you’re stepping out for a sparkly evening date then this shade can be a better option.

1106 - Sheer Mania
1106 – Sheer Mania
Crystal Blush 305
Crystal Blush 305

Last but not the least, all you lovelies will make heads turn with a slight spray of MARKS & SPENCER’s Per Una GABRIELLA. A spicy fragrance with a hint of flower power can lighten up your mood instantly !

MnS - per una Gabriella 100ml
 MnS – per una Gabriella 100ml

So share your thoughts, comments and views about how you like my post on Nude Basics.

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See ya soon ladies !



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