Denim Diaries

“Denim is one of the world’s oldest fabrics, yet it remains eternally young.” – American Fabrics Magazine 1969.

Well, that just summed up the idea behind today’s outfit post !

Helllooooo readers 🙂 Hope all of you are doing super good today.
‘Coz i’m doing quite fine and am about to share one of my favorite outfit-stories – The Denim Diaries.

2015 has been quite interesting in terms of ‘Fads’ and ‘Trends’ so far. Whether it was the short lived two-tone lip color, or the high flat-forms — We’ve seen them all come, stay and go. But did we ever think even for a second, whats that ONE essential which completes our wardrobes ? That one special ‘category’ of clothing which is closest to our hearts since childhood ? Something that is worn across all age groups and remains ‘Eternally Young’ ? …I’m sure all of you must have guessed by now what I’m hinting at, and no, you guys aren’t wrong. Today’s post is all about DENIM !

Obsessed with Stone and acid washes, I’ve tried & re-invented the 90’s rebel-chic affairs. Scroll down for LOOK 1

Polka Jeans.
Did you know high-waisted washed denims make a petite frame look taller ?                                                                 Polka Jeans – forever 21

IMG_9382-editEven while opting for a Head-to-Toe Denim look, who doesn’t like a bit of color ? Grab a straw hat or keep that pout click-ready in shades of Coral. For those who have a medium Olive-Fair skin tone, choose your denims wisely – Where Deep indigos will make you shine bright, stone washed medium shades will compliment your yellow tones.

Washed Denim Blouse - YFL Rederved Platforms - forever 21
Washed Denim Blouse – YFL Reserved
Platforms, Ear Cuff – forever 21;  Bracelet – Accessorize

Easy-breezy natural hair are a big-thing this season. So if you’v been sitting for hour in front of the mirror with that heat styler, stop right away !

Another style hack I discovered while creating this look is that Knotted Blouses enhance your curves 😉 If you’ve that butt, then you better flaunt it. Why should the Kardashians have all the fun ? 😀

Love your denims, and they'll love you back !
Love your denims, and they’ll love you back !

For LOOK – 2, I picked my over-used, worn out, distressed pair of jeans. What is better than a Schiffley cropped top as a seperate, to beat that heat !

Boho brought-back with Schiffleys
Bringing BOHO back with Schiffleys and layered Chains
Ripped Jeans - ASOS Platforms - forever 21
Ripped Jeans – ASOS
Platforms – forever 21

Woven Schiffleys and cut-work trims are ideal for blazing summer afternoons. Team them up with either distressed denims, like I did, or a maxi skirt.

Layered Necklace - Superstar
Layered Necklace – Superstar

Distressed jeans / denims were considered to be a thing of past till few years ago. But these have revived and re-emerged ever since R&B stars like Rihanna popularised them again through their music videos. Owing to their high durability as compared to other common fabrics, “distressed” (visibly aged and worn, but still intact and functional) jean trousers have become increasingly fashionable, making pre-sale “factory distressing” a common feature in commercially sold jeans.

Just for the last bit, letting my hair loose.
Just for the last bit, letting my hair loose !

Recap –

LOOK : 1
Polka denims – Forever 21
Washed Denim Blouse – YFL Reserved
Platforms – Forever 21
Ear Cuff – Forever 21
Bracelet – Accessorize
Watch – Michael Kors

LOOK : 2
Ripped Denims – ASOS
Woven Blouse – Streetwear
Layered Chains – Superstar
Platforms – Forever 21


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