Bringing back the Blues

HELOOO there all you lovely readers ! Finally the wait is over and I’m back to blogging after a good long break.

I’m super kicked about today’s feature post, and I hope all of you will also like to know more about What’s Trending Today – Ruffled Tops and Frayed Bottoms – All in spring’s favourite color : DENIM BLUE.

SO there’s something about denim blues and how they can be worn with almost ANYTHING. I was never a head-to-toe denim girl back in the 90s, when this trend was almost everywhere. But as they say, style evolves with time; And so with the comeback of Denim in a big way this season, I tried some funky DIYs and conceptualised today’s #OOTD. To my own surprise, I have now developed a fondness for an ‘all-denim-look’, and this is on top of my eternal love for the evergreen JEANS.

This pair of pencil fit jeans was not originally frayed at the hems. DIY using just a pair of scissors to cut uptill your desired length. Those white threads, will fray out easily after 1 or 2 washes ! Wearing – Tommy Hilfiger Denims

Having a Pear-shaped body, I have always been conscious about my upper torso, since it appears smaller in comparison to the lower half. So what do we do to overcome this shyness ? Well, grab a Ruffled tube top !


I’d say that because ruffles tend to add volume, fullness and they definitely catch attention. For today’s post I have worn an embroidered skirt as a tube top, which helps in taking the eyes away from the bottom half and highlights my collar bones and shoulders that usually go unnoticed.


Top – Skirt worn as a top – Next; Envelope Bag – Forever 21; Pom-Pom Earrings – Handmade gift from a friend; Necklace worn as a bracelet – Vintage.

Leaving my hair part-dry part-damp, I opted for loose waves and kept them un-brushed. While the make-up was all about Nudes and Peaches, I also added a pop of color over my eye lids. Wearing Colorbar USA – I GLIDE EYE PENCIL – Electra 04 below.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 11.00.33 pm




Lifting me up a little are my 5 inches in Beige, from Forever 21. These babies have been a favourite since some time now. Walk,trot or jump..they have a great grip on my feet.



Hope you guys enjoyed reading today’s outfit post. 🙂

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P. ❤




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