Trend Alert : Metallics & Velvet

I’ve been wanting to post this one up for a very long time, simply because my love for ‘bling’ can never die ! However on the other hand, I won’t deny that I have waited probably a bit longer than usual to let a ‘returning-trend’ settle in, before I went ahead and tried it on. Yes, as the caption is a total giveaway – I’m sure you must have understood what today’s post is all about.

As a child back in the 90s I’ve grown up seeing a lot of Metallic and Velvety fabrics around, but then these luxe items couldn’t keep up with what the millenial style demanded of. But after a hiatus of over two decades, Foil finish and metallic fabrics have made a huge come-back along with the oh-so-luxurious Velvets (And it’s not only by Juicy Couture ! )

The Pleated Slit-Skirt

Well, the pleated skirt as made quite a lot of appearances here & there and so has the pencil-slit skirt. But a combination of both is not what you find that often. Thanks to H&M India for this one !

The Velvet Scarf : Risky, but worth it

To be honest, I adore the royal appearance of the velvet-weave. But have always been apprehensive of going ahead with an outfit or even just an item entirely made of the same. Precisely why, I chose to break the norm and just use it as an accessory for today’s post.









#WhatIamWearing – Pleated skirt by HM / White Sneakers by HM / Velvet Scarf in Rose Peach by HM / Black Cardigan by Gypsy Fashions // Accessories : Sling bag with Fringe tassel by Forever 21 / Fringed Danglers by HM // On my lips : NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Abu Dabi // On my nails : Maybelline COLORSHOW in Nude

Hope you enjoyed reading through ! 🙂

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